Fall 2018

  1. Economic Case Studies of Cider Apple Orchards in NYS
  2. Mite-Flaring Impact of New Insecticides on European Red Mites in Apples
  3. Understanding Strawberry Root Problems that Impact Berry Farm Profitability
  4. Bitter Pit Mitigation & the ‘Honeycrisp’ Apple
  5. Orchard Automation & Genes Relevant to Apple Tree Architecture
  6. Editorial – Cleaning Up Our Act: Thoughts on Sustainability

Fall 2018 Issue

Summer 2018

Editorial – Behind the Scenes by Bill Dodd, Premier Apple

  1. Update on New Apple Varieties and Clubs
  2. Studies on Pollination and Fungicide Use During Orchard Bloom
  3. Bacterial Strain Affects Cultivar Response to Fire Blight in Apples
  4. Non-Mineral Prediction of Bitter Pit in ‘Honeycrisp’ Apples
  5. Breeding Apple Rootstocks to Match Cultural and Nutrient Requirements of Scion Varieties

Summer 2018 Issue