Spring 2002

Editorial: We Can Deliver Quality Apples to the Consumer!

  1. Testing Pre-plant Monoammonium Phosphate and Apple Compost For Improving the Growth of Newly Planted Apple Trees
  2. SurroundTM: A Realistic Choice for Control of Insects in Organic Apple Orchards in the Northeastern United States?
  3. Effect of SurroundTM Particle Film on Fruit Sunburn, Maturity and Quality of ‘Fuji’ and ‘Honeycrisp’ Apples
  4. Pheromone Disruption of Oriental Fruit Moth in New York Peaches
  5. Evaluation of Pheromone Disruption in Combination with Insecticide Applications for Control of Peachtree Borers in Peaches

Winter 2000

Editorial: The Future of the New York Berry Industry

  1. Field Evaluations of Flint and Sovran for Controlling Apple Diseases
  2. Marketing Apple Products
  3. Blueberry Nutrition on Upland Soils
  4. Effects of Multiple Pyrethroid Insecticide Applications on Secondary Mite Outbreaks
  5. Effects of ReTain, Nitrogen Fertilization, and Mid-summer Trunk Scoring on Fruit Color and Quality of Jonagold Apples