Spring 2015

Editorial – A Few Words from the Incoming Guest Editor

  1. Growing Apples for Craft Ciders
  2. Feeling the Burn! Chemical Injury on Apples Following Tank Mixtures of Captan, Single-site Fungicides, and Adjuvants
  3. Predicting Apple Fruit Set Model
  4. Cornell-Geneva Apple Rootstocks for Weak Growing Scion Cultivars
  5. Ambrosia Beetle – An Emergent Apple Pest
  6. Precision Pruning to Help Maximize Crop Value

Winter 2015

Editorial – New York Farm Viability Institute: Farmers Select Projects for Farm-Level Impact

  1. Performance of New Berry Varieties at the NYSAES in Geneva, NY
  2. Critical Weed Control Requirements in Young High Density Apple Orchards
  3. The Wild Bees of New York: Our Insurance Policy Against Honey Bee Decline
  4. Effects of Antibiotic Applications on Epiphytic Bacteria in the Apple Phyllosphere
  5. An Insect, Disease and Weed Management Program for New York Organic Apples

Fall 2014

Editorial – ARDP’s Visionary, Cooperative Pursuit of Productivity

  1. Status of Streptomycin Resistant Fire Blight in New York Orchards
  2. Toward Optimizing CA Storage of Honeycrisp Apples: Minimizing Prestorage Conditioning Time and Temperature
  3. ReTain and NAA Recommendations for Apples
  4. A Fixed-Spray System for Spotted Wing Drosophila Management in High Tunnel Raspberries
  5. Lessons Learned Through the NE SARE Berry Soiland Nutrient Management Project: Soil and Plant Tissue Nutrient Survey
  6. Pruning Strategy Affects Fruit Size, Yield and Biennial Bearing of Gala and Honeycrisp Apples

Summer 2014

Editorial – Michigan Teams Up with New York to Produce Fruit Quarterly

  1. Sunlight, Yield, and Productivity of Apples
  2. Managing Fire Blight: New Lessons Learned From the Use of Kasumin for Blossom Blight and Apogee for Shoot Blight Control
  3. Nutrient Removal by Fruit Harvest and Maintenance Application of Nutrients in New York Apple Orchards
  4. Identifying Causes of Mite Flaring in Apples
  5. Grower Perceptions of Bird Damage to New York Fruit Crops in 2011

Spring 2014

Editorial – Got Research? Finding Opportunities in a New Age

  1. Adjusting Spray Programs to Suppress Fruit Russet and Minimize Phytotoxicity Risks for Apples
  2. Precision Crop Load Management Part 2
  3. Establishing Row-middle Ground Cover Options for High Density Apple Orchards in Western NY
  4. Evaluation of Persistent Entomopathogenic Nematodes for Biological Control of Plum Curculio
  5. Cultural Controls of Spotted Wing Drosophila in Organic Blueberry Production

Winter 2014

Editorial – When Have we Reached our Goal?

  1. Critical Weed Control Requirements in High Density Apple Orchards
  2. Development of an Attract and Kill Device for Orchard Pests
  3. Precision Spraying in the Orchard and Vineyard: Measuring Canopy Density
  4. Lessons Learned Through the NE SARE Berry Soil and Nutrient Management Project Part II: Berry Soil and Nutrient Management and the Cornell Soil Health Test
  5. Enviro-weather: Online Weather-based Information to Aid in Good Decision-making
  6. Precision Genome Editing May Ease Debate and Regulatory Burden on Genetically Modified Fruit

Summer 2013

Editorial – An Idea for a Partnership of Agricultural Producers and Government to Fund Research

  1. Precision Crop Load Management
  2. Repeated Treatments of Apple Fruit with SmartFreshTM
  3. Precision Irrigation Management
  4. The “Split” Application Strategy for Pre-Harvest Fruit Drop Control in a Super Spindle Apple Orchard in Western NY
  5. Production of Sweet Cherries under High Tunnels in Either the Modified Spanish Bush and the Tall Spindle Systems

NYFQ Summer 2013

Spring 2013

Editorial – Leadership and Accountability

  1. An Update on Apple Cultivars, Brands and Club-Marketing
  2. Apple Fruit Growth
  3. Recent Advances of Mechanization for the Tall Spindle Orchard System in New York State – Part 1
  4. Optimizing Nitrogen and Potassium Management to Foster Apple Tree Growth and Cropping Without Getting ‘Burned’
  5. Optimizing Strawberry Production with a Reduced Tillage System

Winter 2013

Editorial – Yes, We Can

  1.  Can Calcium Be Injected Through the Trickle Irrigation System to Help Control Bitter pit of Honeycrisp?
  2. Precision Application of Pesticides in Orchards – Adjusting Liquid Flow
  3. New Findings in Weed Control in Young Apple Orchards
  4. The Next Generation Biotechnology for Apple Improvement and Beyond: The CRISPR/Cas9 Story
  5. Effects of Glyphosate on Apple Tree Health