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Winter of Many Changes

By Paul Baker, NYSHS Executive Director For many of you, this winter will be very demanding. The stress of unprecedented low rainfall and less than exciting returns has left many of you frustrated. In my experience, I have found such years the ones that demand you to be at your very best. When the markets are at their most demanding it is time to tighten your management skills. Labor last year was, in my observation, at its most stressed level ... more

What single trait drives research?

I wish to challenge your opinion on a subject. If I asked you to tell me the single most important trait that drives all research what would you select? ... more

Time to look into the TEA Leaves about labor in 2017

Hard to believe that we have begun yet another year. Last year will be easy for most of you to let go as it was one of extreme drought and weak markets. As a result, each operation has to self- appraise and reduce all unwanted risks from your operation. With such conditions, we each need to sharpen our managerial skills. In 2016, we each witnessed the election of a new President. A Republican now resides in the White House and ... more

Crop Insurance time is upon us?

By Paul Baker, NYSHS Executive Director Very soon each of you will have to decide to invest or not in the 2017 crop insurance program. In many ways it seems unfair in that we have not even gotten a clear picture of the success or failure of the current year. I would not be honest if I told you that each year is a carbon copy of the previous. Weather is a challenge regardless of your personal views on the ... more

Dealing with near drought

Drenching rains have swamped places like West Virginia in recent weeks — with tragic results. In the Finger Lakes, it’s the opposite. We’re dry, and the future of some crops hang in the balance if rainfall does not come soon ... more