2022 Virtual Orchard Meetup Webinar Series

2022 Virtual Orchard Meetup webinar series – Orchard Efficiency: Labor and Technology.

A four-part webinar series on Orchard Efficiency: Labor and Technology.

Part 1 (June 2) Labor – Grower Experiences
Part 2 (June 16) Labor – Specialist Panel
Part 3 (June 30) Technology – Grower Experiences
Part 4 (July 14) Technology – Specialist Panel

These meetups will provide an opportunity to review challenges, best practices, and new recommendations for orchard labor and technology. Led by a panel of scientists, growers, and other experts in orchard labor and technology across N. America.
Facilitated by Bernardita Sallato WSU Extension, Mario Miranda Sazo Cornell Cooperative Extension, Anna Wallis MSU Extension, Daniel Weber PSU Extension, and Kristy Grigg-McGuffin OMAFRA.

With support from IFTA, AgAID, CIDA, and the PACMAN SCRI Project Team

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