Beware A Strong Southerly Wind

On February 16, 2011, I was in Kearneysville, West Virginia to chair a meeting to encourage research to counter the brown Marmorated stink bug (BMSB). Last season this pest reached levels of destruction that totally destroyed crops and vegetation in the mid-Atlantic regions of West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia. The BMSB did make some movement into Adams County, Pa. but was not at a level there that it was a commercial issue. Fruit growers, however, in all of these regions are concerned as to how they will counter this pest because there is currently no successful treatment to control the BMSB.

Our mission was to encourage continued funding for the USDA station in light of loud cries from Washington to cut spending to such facilities. We joined US Apple and other representatives from the North East to pull out all of the stops to find a suitable program for this pest which arrived here from the Pacific Rim countries less than a decade ago. Since this pest has no known natural enemies and can over winter in our areas it has grown today to a level of commercial risk. I have sent reports to Albany, NY about the possible impact this pest may have on our State’s horticulture. I have asked Commissioner Aubertine to make every effort to encourage DEC to move swiftly to clear passage of any remedy if one does present itself.

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