Winter 2000

Editorial: The Future of the New York Berry Industry

  1. Field Evaluations of Flint and Sovran for Controlling Apple Diseases
  2. Marketing Apple Products
  3. Blueberry Nutrition on Upland Soils
  4. Effects of Multiple Pyrethroid Insecticide Applications on Secondary Mite Outbreaks
  5. Effects of ReTain, Nitrogen Fertilization, and Mid-summer Trunk Scoring on Fruit Color and Quality of Jonagold Apples

Winter 1999

Editorial: Is 30 Million Bushels Now the Norm for New York State?

  1. Managing the Gisela Cherry Rootstocks
  2. A New Initiative to Strengthen New York Agriculture and What It Will Mean to You and the New York Fruit Industry
  3. High Density Peach Production in Ontario
  4. The Role of The New York State Food Venture Center in Supporting Food Entrepreneurship
  5. The First 100 Years of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station at Geneva, NY