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Summer 2022

Editorial: Use Social Media for Positive Information on Fruit Farming

I recently made a Facebook post with a picture of my apricot trees in bloom with an explanation of why I can grow apricots.When I went back a few hours later, I was amazed at how many people liked it, loved it, shared it and commented. With all the negative press out there about modern agriculture, these was an epiphany for me. People want information. They want good information. They want it from people who really know and trust. They trust real farmers.

Winter 2020

When it comes to farm labor, it’s all action all the time! New York growers are skilled, flexible, innovative, bold, and creative problem-solvers and business people. If any of these […]

Summer 2020

Brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys, Stal) (BMSB) is an invasive species which causes economically significant damage to tree fruit, vegetable, ornamental and field crops. This pest was first discovered […]

Spring 2020

Confirming the breakdown of apple scab resistance in Malus floribunda 821, the most important source for scab resistance breeding, in North America | Hummingbirds Can Reduce Spotted WingDrosophila (SWD) Fruit […]

Winter 2019

‘- Picking the Right Rootstock for Fresh and Processing Apple Orchards  – Investigating the Behavior and Biology of Locally Overwintered Spotted-wing Drosophila Disease in Michigan – Establishment, Persistence and Impact of […]