Past Issues

Summer 2022

Editorial: Use Social Media for Positive Information on Fruit Farming...

Winter 2021

Editorial: Support the Ag. Organizations that Represent You:

Fall 2021

Editorial: What My Dad Paul Baker Taught Us My sisters...

Summer 2021

Start Them Young I remember my grandfather saying that when...

Spring 2021

I am glad I am not driving a 1970 Ford...

Winter 2020

When it comes to farm labor, it’s all action all...

Fall 2020

What Keeps a Farmer Up at Night? Usually that answer...

Summer 2020

Brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys, Stal) (BMSB) is an...

Spring 2020

Confirming the breakdown of apple scab resistance in Malus floribunda...

Winter 2019

‘- Picking the Right Rootstock for Fresh and Processing Apple...

Fall 2019

‘- The Evolution of Planar Canopy Architectures  – Unraveling the...

Summer 2019

FRUIT QUARTERLY Summer 2019 Factors Contributing to the Death and...

Spring 2019

FRUIT QUARTERLY Spring 2019 Precision Pruning of Gala Apples Role...

Winter 2018-19

FRUIT QUARTERLY Winter 2018-19 RIMpro Apple Scab Prediction Model on...

Fall 2018

Editorial - Cleaning Up Our Act: Thoughts on Sustainability

Summer 2018

Editorial - Behind the Scenes by Bill Dodd, Premier Apple

Spring 2018

Editorial - Behind the Scenes by Kevin Maloney, Cornell AgriTech...

Winter 2017

Editorial - Apple Industry Evolves to Meet Market, Environmental, and...

Fall 2017

Editorial - A BIG Thank You to All Our Field...

Summer 2017

Editorial - Every Year is Different

Spring 2017

Editorial - What Single Trait Drives Research?

Winter 2016

Editorial: Some reflections from the departing NYSHS President

Fall 2016

Editorial - Whose responsibility is it to be prepared for...

Summer 2016

Editorial - We Have to Understand the Science!

Spring 2016

Editorial - Who should foot the bill for food safety?

Fall 2015

Editorial - Newly-formed Michigan Tree Fruit Commission fills gap to...

Summer 2015

Editorial - The Transformation of the NY Apple Industry

Spring 2015

Editorial - A Few Words from the Incoming Guest Editor

Winter 2015

Editorial - New York Farm Viability Institute: Farmers Select Projects...

Fall 2014

Editorial - ARDP’s Visionary, Cooperative Pursuit of Productivity

Summer 2014

Editorial - Michigan Teams Up with New York to Produce...

Spring 2014

Editorial - Got Research? Finding Opportunities in a New Age

Winter 2014

Editorial - When Have we Reached our Goal?

Fall 2013

Editorial - Work Smarter Not Harder

Summer 2013

Editorial - An Idea for a Partnership of Agricultural Producers...

Spring 2013

Editorial - Leadership and Accountability

Winter 2013

Editorial - Yes, We Can

Fall 2012

Editorial - Research Continues to Be a Critical Resource for...

Summer 2012

Editorial - Cornell Supports the Fruit Industry Through this Challenging

Spring 2012

Editorial-20th Anniversary of the New York Fruit Quarterly

Winter 2012

Editorial - Support the New York State Horticultural Society

Fall 2011

Editorial - Thanks to the Apple Growers

Summer 2011

Editorial - Leadership and Accountability

Spring 2011

Editorial The NYS Fruit Industry and NYS Government

Winter 2011

Editorial - Why Should Growers Fund Research

Fall 2010

Editorial: Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Summer 2010

Editorial: New Varieties: Risk vs. Rewards and Success

Spring 2010

Editorial: The Era of Big Agricultural Science is Here

Winter 2010

Editorial - End of the Year Thoughts

Fall 2009

Editorial: What to Expect with New Releases from the Geneva...

Summer 2009

Editorial: Grower Funds Are The Key

Spring 2009

Editorial: The Need for Research Continues

Winter 2009

Editorial: Managed New York Apple Varieties: Are You Ready to...

Fall 2008

Editorial: So What Have You Done For Me Today?

Summer 2008

Editorial: Licensing of New Apple Varieties from Cornell

Spring 2008

Editorial Getting Cornell’s Fruit Team Story Out to You, the...

Winter 2008

Editorial: An Enduring Partnership for Prosperity

Fall 2007

Editorial: Food Safety – the New York Standard

Summer 2007

Editorial: Cornell Cooperative Extension:Responsive, Innovative, Collaborative

Spring 2007

Editorial: A Vibrant Future for Tree Fruits

Winter 2007

Editorial: Better Communication Bears Fruit

Fall 2006

FRUIT QUARTERLY Fall 2006 Editorial High Tunnels for Late Fall...

Summer 2006

Editorial: Agricultural Labor 2006

Spring 2006

Editorial: Why Plums?

Winter 2006

Editorial: Congratulations to George Lamont!

Fall 2005

Editorial: Thank You Bob Andersen

Summer 2005

Editorial: Research and Development Programs Do Make a Difference

Spring 2005

Editorial: The Future of Applied Research and Extension at Geneva

Winter 2005

Editorial: Stone Fruit Research in New York State Should New...

Fall 2004

Editorial: Let’s “Grow Sales and Create a Trend”

Summer 2004

Editorial: WhiteGold®: A New White Fleshed Sweet Cherry From Geneva

Spring 2004

Editorial: Mineral Nutrition in the Modern Orchard

Winter 2004

Editorial: “The NYBGA is glad to be on board!”

Fall 2003

Editorial: ‘Honeycrisp’ Apple: Team Work and Lessons Learned

Summer 2003

Editorial: The Future of the New York Fruit Extension Team

Spring 2003

Editorial: Can New York Compete in the World Apple Market?

Winter 2003

Editorial: Stepping Down and Looking Back

Fall 2002

Editorial: The New York Fruit Quarterly Magazine’s 10th Anniversary

Summer 2002

Editorial: Maintaining the New York Apple Research Order

Spring 2002

Editorial: We Can Deliver Quality Apples to the Consumer!

Winter 2002

Editorial: Lessons We Should Have Learned from the 2002 Apple...

Fall 2001

Editorial: Am I Growing Apples I Can Sell?

Summer 2001

Editorial: Strategic Planning Initiative

Spring 2001

Editorial: Strategic Planning Efforts for the New York Apple Industry

Winter 2001

Editorial: Giving Credit to the Experiment Station

Fall 2000

Editorial: Marketing the New York Apple Crop

Summer 2000

Editorial: Strategic Planning Can Change the New York Apple Industry

Spring 2000

FRUIT QUARTERLY Spring 2000 Editorial: Funding Apple Research Fire Blight...

Winter 2000

Editorial: The Future of the New York Berry Industry

Winter 1999

Editorial: Is 30 Million Bushels Now the Norm for New...

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