Spring 2006

Editorial: Why Plums?

  1. New York Plum Picks for 2006: Recommended Plum Cultivars
  2. A Century Of Plum Breeding At Geneva
  3. The Apple Industry in China
  4. NEW PLUM Rosy Gage™
  5. NEW PLUM Jam Session™
  6. NEW PLUM Blues Jam™
  7. NEW PLUM Geneva Mirabelle™
  8. Plum Rootstock Trials at Geneva: A Progress Report
  9. Introgression of Prunus species in Plum
  10. 2006 Empire State Fruit & Vegetabel Expo
  11. Management Strategies for Apple Replant Disease
  12. Red Currants and Gooseberries: Extended Season and Marketing Flexibility with Controlled Atmosphere Storage

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