Spring 2017

Editorial – What Single Trait Drives Research?

  1. NEWA (Network for Environment and Weather Applications) Provides Fruit IPM and Production Tools from 400 Weather Stations
  2.  Bitter Pit in Honeycrisp on G-41 vs M9-337: Observations from an Orchard Visit
  3. Tannin Additions to Improve the Quality of Hard Cider Made from Dessert Apples
  4. Stress-Induced Watercore in ‘NY2’ Fruit: Causes and Mitigation
  5. News on Ooze, the Fire Blight Spreader
  6. Apple Harvest Platforms: Quantifying Efficiency and Determining Economic Benefits
  7. Insect Mating Disruption – An Alternative Pest Management Strategy for Long Island Tree Fruit Orchards

Spring 2017 Issue